The Most Stylish Hats for Big Heads and Big Hair for the Summer!

Hey fashionistas! If you’re anything like me, you love a good hat, but can’t fit all that hair up under there, or maybe your head is a little to wide for what sizes are usually available, as per usual. Now that’s it’s summertime, fedoras, floppy hats, headwraps, and baseball caps are being integrated into everyone’s summer styles.

For those of us with big heads and/or big hair, we’ve gathered a few styles and options that come in larger and adjustable sizes to meet all your summer accessorizing needs! From a quirky bucket hat, flirty floppy beach hat, straw wide brim fedoras, and even adjustable options, we’ve found a few great options for you!

Check out the hats for big heads and big hair below! Just like wide calf boots, it is important to measure your head so that you can shop with confidence! We made sure to include the measurement options/ sizing, so you know with how it will fit you!

11 Fly Hats for Big Heads and Big Hair for the Summer! 

I just love hats in the summertime, don’t you?

Matching a floppy beach hat to my bathing suit, perfectly accessorizing a fedora to a jumpsuit for a rooftop party.  If you can’t try before you buy, make sure you grab your measurements (yes, literally measure the circumference of your head!) to get the perfect fit when shopping online for hats.

No more avoiding hats because of the fear of being too small. Also, if you’re someone with a whole lot of hair, let those locks down honey! I have found that a hat can hold my hairstyle in place all day, and having all that volume looks good. Give it a try with one of the styles above!

Could you see yourself wearing any of these hats?

Which one is your favorite style? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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